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Management apartment

Since we are the company providing comprehensive maintenance of Sunny Day chain of complexes, our effort to provide best services to our customers do not end at the door of your block of apartments.

We well understand that leaving your apartment for almost a year is more or less worry for you. Not to mention all the duties and responsibilities that a property requires namely - paying the bills, state taxes, insurance, etc. Just because we can offer you our property management service - Platinum package a service that will ensure the security of your investment and will guarantee you a smooth summer vacation. The Platinum package includes all required activities related to caring for your property while you are away. Our service would also save you all those cares that an owner must take to maintain efficient household in his apartment.

This service is not binding as regards the management and maintenance of your specific apartment.

Platinum package includes the following list of services:

1) Payment of state and municipal fees, completing the tax return on your behalf.

2) Insurance against fire, flood, earthquake, damages caused by third parties.

3) Payment of your monthly bills for electricity, water and cable TV.

4) Initial inventory list of effects available in the property.

5) Weekly inspections during the weak and peak season, which include:

»Checking the effects available according to the inventory list.

»Carrying out verification of any possible visible defects.

» Property ventilation.

»Checking for unwanted presence of ants, cockroaches, moths and other insects and
taking measures to eliminate them.

»Checking the proper functioning of household appliances.

»Checking the furniture, sanitary systems and plumbing.

»Checking the security systems for proper functioning.

»Two main cleanings a year:

»Washing windows, dusting.

»Washing the sanitary units (bathrooms) and floors.

»Emergency inspection of the property at extreme weather conditions and taking measures against any possible damages by common agreement:

»Preparing the property for the winter season.

»Moving the chairs and tables from terraces.

»Draining water from the water supply and sewage system and water heater.

»Draining water from WC, putting salt.

Please note that winter conditions in Bulgaria could be extremely dynamic, and if your property is not prepared that often leads to serious damages which could easily affect the apartments of other people living in your block of apartments. Insurance that goes along with the Platinum package together with the cares that our team is prepared to take could save you a potential risk and encountering unwanted problems occurring under those circumstances.


Weekly Package

When you are on vacation you would seek to concentrate on every valuable moment of your vacation. We are there to spare you the precious time for cleaning and refreshing your property through our Weekly maintenance package. Either you or your guests may take advantage of it and spare any regular household activities while present in your property. Your apartment will be kept clean and your laundry done, you would have available all the small but necessary things either in the restroom or at your coffee table.


The Weekly maintenance package includes:


-          Refreshment of your property

-          Changing and washing the household linen

-          Cleaning the property, supplying the restroom with soap, shampoo, toil.paper and your fridge with mineral water, tea, coffee, milk and sugar (twice per week)

The price of this service is 30 EUR and as defined its validity is one week.
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