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  • Management apartment

    Since we are the company providing comprehensive maintenance of Sunny Day chain of complexes, our effort to provide best services to our customers do not end at the door of your block of apartments. We well understand that leaving your apartment for almost a year is more or less worry for you. Not to mention all the duties and responsibilities that a property requires namely - paying the bills, state taxes, insurance, etc. Just because we can offer you our property management service - Platinum package a service that will ensure the security of your investment and will guarantee you ...

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  • Extra services

    Television We from AG Properties are aware of the desire of every individual to spend their summer vacation and leisure time in the best possible way while being present on our complex. Therefore we are offering you a selection of TV channels which should basically satisfy everybody’s interest in movies, cartoons, sports, science or news. Our local satellite could deliver the following channels to your attention:Bulgarian National TV1 - BTV - NOVA TV - DIEMA - DIEMA 2 - EXPLORER - TV7 - Viasat HISTORY - BTV – ACTION - BTV – CINEMA...

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  • Maintenance common areas

    No matter how big is your apartment, it is essential for your peace of mind that someone carefully maintains the equipment in the complex, as you would do it. Our teams of qualified and experienced security guards, mechanics, gardeners and cleaners offer a full range of services related to the maintenance of the complex and its adjacent common areas. - MAINTAINING HYGIENE AND CLEANLINESS IN THE PROPERTY / STAIRCASE AND CORRIDORS IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING AND AROUND THE BUILDING, SWIMMING POOLS - SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE OF ALL TYPES OF INSTALLATIONS LOCATED IN THE COMMON AREAS OF T...

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  • Promotions

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